Northern Cyprus 5 Star Hotels

Northern Cyprus 5 Star Hotels – Lowest Price Guaranteed!


Trips and vacation packages, air fare and transportation are but one aspect that makes Northern Cyprus a new and exciting option for many who have not been, a staple-choice destination for the best-of-the-best, for the frequent return visitor!

Quality accommodation is no longer a relative term open to interpretation in the Northern Cyprus context and locale. Numerous five-star Kyrenia hotels, offer tourists and locals, on-demand, top-line, exclusivity, style and elegance, to fit every pocket and requirement, however exclusive and/or demanding, nuanced, celebrity or complexity.

These five-star hotels and luxury accommodation options, in a unique setting, bring Northern Cyprus lodging options, front-and-center for those adventurous travellers-in-the-know, looking for more.

Picturesque and mystical, these Kyrenia hotels, as well as casino,  resort-style five-star hotel options like the Malpas Hotel, offer great entertainment, cuisine and dining options, as well as quality lodging and peace of mind for travellers from all walks of life, budgets and preferences. Expect nothing less than the best from the collection of 5 star hotels in the direct area of the harbour, villages or mountains.

From Catalkoy village, to the medieval settings, archaeological-historic inspired architecture, majestic castles, harbour-front and beauty of the towering  Kyrenia Mountain range, there is something for everyone here. Browse through listings and offerings from quality Northern Cyprus, 5-star Kyrenia hotels and casino-resorts like The Malpas Hotel.

Private and public sandy beaches on the sparkly Northern Cyprus Sea, beckon and invite all to partake in the beauty, tranquility and colourful intercultural tapestry, here where civilization meets its ancestry and roots.