Northern Cyprus Border Crossing

About Border Crossing - Northern Cyprus

Passport and visa will be required to go from South to North, upon which a white sheet of paper will be provided  that carries your name, nationality and passport number.  The Northern Cyprus border officials will stamp this form, not your passport. Visitors can cross as often as they want and stay as long as they want, with some provisions, including  no-car-hire-from south of the border, allowed into the North and no goods worth more than EURO 70 either way.

Checkpoints and border crossings are part of the total package and a necessary protocol to inform and avail yourself of prior to departure/arrival.  There are five border crossings in Cyprus, going across the Green Line.  Nicosia, Black Knight, Pergamos, Ledra Palace (pedestrians only), as well as Zodia or Astromeritis or Guzelyurt- Bostanci. Long queues and delays, searches and increased scrutiny, even detention can and has occurred.

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