Car Rentals in Northern Cyprus

Collision Damage Waiver in Northern Cyprus


Vehicle insurance, like CDW,  is of utmost importance in Northern Cyprus, especially if/when crossing the border, especially  in a rented car or vehicle.

Note that some additional insurance will be needed, when moving from South to Northern Cyprus and some car rental companies do not even allow for it, so take note of that and be sure to ask PRIOR to booking or picking up your vehicle.

Comprehensive coverage is an essential here and be sure to check what existing coverage your credit card may have, BUT also ensure that you are amply covered for risks like accidents, loss, theft or damage, as it can be costly after the fact and a hard lesson to learn, that can easily ruin your dream vacation.

CDW or collision damage waiver is a travel industry term used quite often. It refers to the day-to-day or daily insurance coverage required, to cover any and all damage to a rental car. It is an insurance term and very important to be aware of when traveling and renting, hiring cars or vehicles, driving in Northern Cyprus and/or going through border crossings, as they will typically be extra, above and beyond, but critically necessary.

This type of Third Party Insurance here also means and covers, in the event that the customer or tourist is responsible for any loss or damage to the rental vehicle, staying in accordance and compliance with Northern Cyprus laws.

To most questions like:  Do I have to purchase Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) insurance?, the answer will be YES! It might be for as little as an additional daily charge of 3 GBP per day. In return for this ‘investment’ the rental car company typically waives all or part (as indicated on the rental agreement at time of the rental) of the customer's liability for damages to the vehicle. With provisions that there is compliance and no violation of the specifically stated terms and conditions of the rental agreement. Typically CDW coverage is not included in the quoted prices online or received from car rental companies, so take the time to ask.

Fine print might include authorized drivers, locations, no racing or speeding clauses as well, waiving all or part of the damage, for different fees.

There are also loopholes and phrases open to interpretation, still leaving you as the renter on the hook for major gaps in coverage, so be sure to check the policies and FAQ sections on the website or the provider you choose to rent from. Northern Cyprus CDW may also be a requirement if the renter for any reason lacks any personal car insurance or sufficient credit card coverage.