Car Rentals in Northern Cyprus

Driving in Northern Cyprus


Car hire is a good and available option against this scenic backdrop, but driving on the left is the norm and general rule of thumb and of the road here in Northern Cyprus.

International drivers’ licenses are recognized and legal for use here. There is an ample supply of a wide diverse array of different car rental companies and providers, within the different regions, cities and towns of this country. Take note however that not unlike many choice destinations, it does offer driving on the left!

Car rentals can safely and preferably, be booked ahead of time, online with reputable, legal and insured providers. Whether driving yourself or being driven around, there are many things to take note of and remember as you shift behind the wheel and start out!

Take special care to not talk/text/call/converse on a mobile device while driving, it is illegal here. Most drivers will have to have at least a basic understanding of road signs when navigating and driving Northern Cyprus.

Prior to departing to be navigating, moving around or driving Northern Cyprus, determine if the car runs on leaded or unleaded fuel and gas up before driving anywhere in Northern Cyprus. Gas stations are open typically between 8 am and 10 pm ONLY.

Ensure that you get the proper insurance if/when, for border crossings or extended trips North/South or South/North. There are special requirements and some car rental companies might not allow it or require more insurance in the Northern parts.

We strongly advice you to get CDW insurance and note speed cameras.