More about Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus, an undiscovered treasure

Hidden away in the corner of the eastern Mediterranean, Northern Cyprus is a largely unspoilt place of beauty. Rich with history dating back millennia, it offers a wide range of delights for the sun-seeker and culture vulture alike. You’ll find beaches on the northern coastline, mountain ranges that are home to a very diverse wildlife, the cities of Nicosia, Kyrenia, Lefke and Famagusta, a superb, international standard golf course and nightlife that is as good as anywhere else in the region.

Northern Cyprus

An extremely rich and diverse history

It is thought that the first settlements on the site of Nicosia were started in about 5000 BC (that’s 7,000 years ago!). Since then the island has been influenced by the Ancient Greeks, the Romans, the French and the Ottomans and today keeps a rich cultural heritage that allows you to trace the history of   the Mediterranean over the last millennium.

Kyrenia is a town where history, beaches and a great nightlife all rub shoulders. Dating back to the Ancient Greeks, its Venetian-build fortifications and the castle that dominates its harbour is a witness to its strategic position.  Its harbour front is now filled with restaurants and cafes and its mediaeval backstreets are home to craftsmen working the way they have for centuries.

Famagusta’s history goes back even further, the first settlements have been traced back to 256 BC. Many of its churches remain, converted into mosques by the Ottomans, and the Harbour Citadel is the best way to get a great view of the city.

The great outdoors

Northern Cyprus isn’t just history though. Apart from the beaches and the sun (more about that later...), there’s an incredibly varied countryside with animals and flowers to be discovered almost at every corner.

The Five Finger Mountains run along 120 km of the northern coastline. These are home to an abundance of woodland flowers and migrating birds. More than 30 species of wild orchid are scattered across northern Cyprus along with 350 species of bird. And don’t forget the nesting turtles!

If golf is more your idea of exercise, we’ve got just what you need! Guaranteed cool temperatures from September to May make for a perfect playing environment.

But it’s all about the beach really

If you’re just after some rest and relaxation, look no further than the beaches and calm harbours that pepper the coast line. Although temperatures do soar during the summer, in the rest of the year you’ll find a climate that even in the winter resembles a western European Spring. The beaches are calm and relaxing with no crowds like so many other places and have plenty of craggy rocks and sandy coves to hide away in.

Its geographical position and history make Northern Cyprus a melting pot of different culinary cultures with influences from both West and East. Enjoy a meze on a harbour front, a sis kebab in a beach restaurants or some of the superb fruits or a Turkish coffee in street cafés. Pay less for good food.

Whatever you do, Northern Cyprus will charm you and you’ll want to come back! Don't miss 365 days sunny weather.