Northern Cyprus Cuisine

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Northern Cyprus’ geographical position makes it a melting pot of different culinary traditions, taking its cue from a variety of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences and particularly from the Levant countries and Lebanon. Its history has also played a part in what it eats with remnants of French, Italian and Anglo-Saxon influences inherited from its occupiers over the years.

Don’t be surprised to find meze served as soon as you sit down in a Northern Cyprus restaurant. Meze, like Spanish tapas are small meat, fish or vegetable dishes served with dips and sauces that can either comprise an entire meal or serve as starters in preparation for the main dish. Don’t forget to drink some raki, an aniseed drink similar to ouzo or pastis with them; somehow aniseed and warm weather seem to go together. 

Main courses in Northern Cyprus normally include shis kebab (chunks of lamb or chicken on a skewer), lamb chops, grilled chicken, the sausage-like seftali kebab or fish. Try Küp kebab (lamb or goat) wrapped in foil with potatoes and herbs and cooked for hours in a clay oven.  Kofte - meat balls with spices are also popular in Northern Cyprus. Fish dishes include Mineri, Lahos, Orfo and Barbun (red mullet).
You’ll find a wide variety of sweet, syrupy desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth or just enjoy an incredible variety of fruit, oranges, grapes, peaches, melons, water melons and grapefruit to name a few, in a salad or on their own. 
After a good meal, Turkish coffee is a must, have it sade (pronounced sa - de), without sugar, orta, medium sugar and shekerli, sweet.