Nature Holiday Northern Cyprus

Nature in Northern Cyprus

One of the great things about coming to Northern Cyprus is the sheer variety of its countryside. It’s not just beeches and sun, there’s a whole range of things to do throughout the year.

The Five Finger Mountains run along 120 km of the Northern Cyprus coastline. Joining a local group with a guide is a great way of exploring the wildlife. The spring sees an abundance of woodland flowers and migrating birds, some of which stay on the island throughout the summer. The rest of the year sees a succession of scents and fragrances  that will inspire and charm you.

There are more that 30 species of wild orchid scattered across Northern Cyprus but the best place to see them is the Alevkaya Herbarium along with the other 1250 plant species  native to the island. And of course, as soon as you have plants, you have butterflies....

But there’s not just flowers, bird watchers will have more than enough to occupy themselves with 350 species of bird, seven of which are exclusive to the island. Go to the Kyrenia Mountains to see the griffon vulture with its 2m wingspan. It was thought to be extinct in 1995 but can now be seen alongside a number of other birds of prey, buzzards, falcons and nesting pairs of red kite.

Wildlife conservation projects have helped protect two species of sea turtle that nest off the Northern Cypriot shoreline. Other rare animals include the elusive mouflon, a rare and highly-protected species of wild sheep and the more commonplace but slightly cranky wild donkey.