Northern Cyprus Weather

What’s the weather like in Northern Cyprus?

Hot summers

Like anywhere in the eastern Mediterranean, it can get very hot in northern Cyprus in July and August. Expect temperatures in the 40s. What’s more, the humidity is quite high in coastal areas so it often feels hotter than it actually is. On the plus side, the same coastal areas do get an amount of breeze coming in off the sea to counter the heat. Night temperatures however fall to a bearable 20 or so degrees making night life and sleep much easier.

Protection from the sun is of course essential so don’t forget a hat, sunglasses and plenty of factor 50. It’s also a very good idea to keep drinking water. As you perspire you lose water from your body and failure to replace it will lead to dehydration. You should also avoid alcohol during the day because this also causes dehydration. In extreme cases, the treatment involves a few days in hospital. That’s probably not the thing you want on a holiday!

Pleasant Winters, Spring and Autumn

Outside the summer months, the weather in northern Cyprus is much cooler and the Spring and Autumn periods have been compared to a western European Spring. Although winter nights are cold, warm clothes are recommended but a heavy coat will be too much.