Malpas Hotel Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus Malpas Hotel – Lowest Price Guaranteed!


Whether your northern - coast, island-feel type getaway, great accommodation requests and destinations, include Northern Cyprus or not, there are exceptional, choice 5-star hotels around. Whether you opt for local-fare exclusivity, quaint and unique boutique or more internationally acclaimed type lodgings, there are many a good quality, traveller-endorsed Kyrenia hotels to choose from.

Whether your budget and preferences demand the best, like the top-line five-star hotels, like Northern Cyprus Malpas hotel, casino and resort-style choices and options, that might just exceed your wildest expectations, or Kyrenia hotels centrally located to optimize sight-seeing and location, there is something for everyone.

Inviting hospitality and numerous creature comforts, await at Malpas hotel, not just mere luxury accommodations and lodging options. The quaintly-unique sea-side town of Kyrenia is also within easy reach.

This Northern Cyprus hotel is situated somewhat hill-side, just outside Kyrenia and the Five Finger mountains, with more than mere panoramic vistas to offer. Weddings, spa-offerings and choice cuisine, nightlife and entertainment options abound, including bars, cafes, live-music, golfing and more. When contemplating visiting Northern Cyprus, for business, leisure, pleasure or holiday, know that your heart will quite easily remain in this idyllic piece of paradise found!