Car Rentals in Northern Cyprus

Speed Cameras in Northern Cyprus


Skipping lights, racing through stop signs or ignoring rules of the road can hurt you here as well, not unlike at home, so take care, heed and warning.

Police groups on the sides of the road are quite typical, all armed with radar guns, to catch the unexpected lead-foot or uninformed tourist, speeding happily along. Traffic enforcement cameras or speed cameras, are increasingly being deployed across Northern Cyprus, so being aware of all the local speed limits, posted and general, can avoid unnecessary ticketing, fines and problems.  

Typically when you are driving in Northern Cyprus-in the towns, cities and villages and residential areas, speeds are at 40 km (25 mph). Rural, less travelled roads outside the centers and city cores are 65 km (40 mph).

Get more informations from you local car hire company about speed rules. Please also do not forget to get CDW insurance.