40+ villa rentals in Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus Villa Holiday Deals


A personalized vacation, on your terms, is what villa rentals can ensure and promise, to exceed expectations. Holiday villa rentals in Northern Cyprus, is an affordable option and alternative for many a savvy traveller, looking for that something different and extra special. What might surprise most, is that it does not have to be expensive, to be luxuriously lavishing, decadent and indulgent!

 Northern Cyprus is a great way to optimize your travel budget, making it go further, getting far more value, for/from less.

Self-catering type holiday accommodations and lodgings like these are quite popular.

Kyrenia is the most popular district in the Northern cyprus for villa rental properties and holiday destination homes for short, medium, longer/extended stays.

Northern Cyprus villa rentals with pools, abound in a variety of types and pricing ranges, choice locations. Whether you find village, city, town, touristy, sea-front or mountain-foothills, panoramic views or upscale modern amenities, including courtyards, gardens, bars, pools, big screen TV’s on your must-have shortlist or dream-vacation get-away wish-list, there is something for everyone. 

Private luxury and exclusivity comes guaranteed with these types of residential-style, villa rental bookings and holiday destination accommodation needs in mind. If you are in the market for a stylish Kyrenia villas or luxury family villa with the poolside, trimmings, extras and creature comforts, Northern Cyprus offerings will not disappoint, even the most discerning of tastes.

Villa rentals for private holidays, romantic retreats or the ideal family vacation form the perfect solution for modern-day travelling demands. It can very easily be sourced, viewed and even booked online, direct or through referral agents.  Holiday apartments and vacation rentals are budget-friendly alternatives to hotels and resorts.